Heavenly Palace: Best Retirement Home in India

The job of deciding where to spend retired life is sure to be a herculean task. The choices are vast and varied at present. The best option is to determine your personal requirements and opt for the one which would work best for you. Would your physical condition ask for home-care facilities? Would you be able to live alone at home? Are you someone who prefers active life communities to a retirement home? Take care to ensure that you are able to give an honest answer to all these questions before making a final commitment. If your choice falls on any of the luxurious retirement homes in India like Heavenly Palace, you are entitled to enjoy the following amenities.

1.  Relief from home maintenance:

All these years, you worked hard for your children. Now they are in a position to earn, may be more than what you were able to earn in your younger years. Why do you have to keep on saving for them? If you are a person above sixty, you are welcome to a life completely free from home maintenance. Here, you don’t have to spend even a single dime for the basic services like room maintenance and laundry. All you need to pay is a nominal monthly rent to be able to afford all the amenities available in an excellent-quality four-star hotel. Here too, the amount you would be paying is just the fraction of the money you would be spending to buy a home.

2.  Maximum independence in life:

Almost all the old age homes in India are fully aware of the necessity of being independent in retirement years. For this reason, they arrange the facilities like outdoor and indoor transportation. This makes sure that you are not dependent on your friends for shopping or any such task. At Heavenly Palace, you are offered shuttle services, private buses and even cabs upon request.

3.  Entertainment facilities designed exclusively for you:

The residents are offered numerous activities to entertain themselves in all the retirement homes in India and Heavenly Palace is not an exception. Here, you are entitled to the facilities like outdoor game arrangements, a library, mini auditorium, a Satsang Bhavan and 24-7 access to the Internet. All these amenities are there to make sure that you are enabled to take good care both of your mental and physical health.

Welcome to Heavenly Palace, all the 60+. A glorious life free from all stresses of home maintenance awaits you here.

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