Life at Heavenly Palace

A day at Heavenly Palace

Beautiful Mornings at Heavenly Palace

Senior citizens at Heavenly Palace, enjoy the dawn at the beautiful 14-acre campus. While some inmates engage in exercises, the others awaken their spiritual senses with the rising sun.

A healthy breakfast starts the day at Heavenly Palace. This is usually followed by a relaxed conversation between friends, who share experiences or plan the day ahead.

Peaceful Afternoons at Heavenly Palace

This time allows senior citizens to enjoy their favorite hobbies. While some enjoy watching television, others immerse in devotional activities held occasionally at the Auditorium.

Every afternoon brings the inmates at Heavenly Palace, together like a family, over lunch. The meals are prepared according to the health requirement of the senior citizens in an ultra-modern kitchen of 30,000 sq. feet.

Senior citizens relax each afternoon in the comfort of their personal rooms. The rooms are elder-friendly, and have superior amenities such as televisions, air-conditioners, closets, lockers, refrigerators and the like.

Entertaining Evenings at Heavenly Palace

After a refreshing resting period, friends at Heavenly Palace cannot wait to see each other again over tea/coffee in the evergreen lawns. Some inmates entertain themselves by utilizing the multimedia/game room; while the others enjoy nature around the campus.

During this last leg of the day, senior citizens savor a light dinner as per a fixed menu. Most inmates enjoy watching television like one big family. And others call it a day, and settle in the comfort of their luxurious rooms.

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